The Chief Information Officers (CIO) Awards reveres successful and outstanding individuals and organizations that have achieved milestones in the course of delivering their roles.
CIOs have set a benchmark of hard work and have transformed sectors not just in Nigeria but globally.

The CIO Awards ceremony is an online and onsite syndicated event that will include delightful networking, entertainment, and insightful delivery.
Winners of the CIO Awards earn the exclusive right to  become members of The CIO Club Africa (TCCA). The CIO Club is a group of stakeholders in the industry whose main objectives are to uphold ethics, promote growth, and share insights. TCC will organize round table meetings, seminars, and conferences geared towards educating the general populace and sustaining the industry.

Edniesal Consulting Limited (ECL) is an Enterprise Governance firm providing business consultancy services to Startups, SMEs and large Corporates across different sectors of the Nigerian Economy.

We provide advisory services to provide ideas, plans, strategy, information, statistics and all assistance suitable for the incorporation, establishment, expansion, proper conduct and prudent running of any business. These services are driven by our creative experienced and astute governance professionals. We operate from our Head Office in Lagos with partners in Ghana, UK, US and Canada.

JOIN US! at the CIO Club Africa Summit - 2023

This summit will provide an opportunity for stakeholders to collaborate, share ideas, and explore innovative solutions to address the digital divide and promote digital inclusion. This is a must-attend for anyone interested in leveraging technology to promote economic growth, reduce poverty, and achieve sustainable development goals.

The CIO Awards 2022 in Pictures

Friday, 26th November


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