The Chief Information Officers (CIO) Awards celebrate the remarkable achievements of CIOs. CTOs, CDOs, CISOs and IT Heads in delivering exceptional results across the industry. These awards, acknowledging success on a global scale, highlight the transformative impact of these digital technology leaders, not only within Nigeria but across the world. The CIO Awards Africa promises a synergistic experience featuring networking opportunities, entertainment, business partnership and prospects.

A noteworthy privilege bestowed upon the CIO Awards winners is the exclusive membership to The CIO Club Africa (TCCA). Comprising industry stakeholders, the CIO Club focuses on upholding ethical standards, fostering growth, and facilitating knowledge sharing. TCCA actively organizes round table meetings, seminars, and conferences aimed at educating the public and sustaining industry excellence.

Edniesal Consulting Limited (ECL), the organizers of the CIO Awards Africa, stands as a pivotal player in the Nigerian business consultancy landscape. It offers comprehensive services to startups, SMEs, and large corporates across diverse sectors.

ECL’s advisory solutions encompass strategic planning, information provision, statistical analysis, and overall assistance for the seamless incorporation, establishment, expansion, and efficient operation of businesses. With a team of experienced and creative governance professionals, ECL operates from its headquarters in Lagos and collaborates with partners in Ghana, the UK, the US, and Canada.

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